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LORD OF LONG BEACH is a completed manuscript being offered by its co-authors through this web site to the community of Christian publishers for publication. It chronicles the life and faith of one-time Long Beach drug lord August Hunter.

Although born in New Orleans, August Hunter rises to power within the gangs of Long Beach, California. When life as a powerful drug lord becomes unbearably stressful, Hunter seeks Godís love and guidance to break the cycle of prison and gang life.

The story, outlined in this web site and available for full inspection in the completed manuscript, is told in Hunterís own words, as edited by friend and criminal defense attorney Dean Schiffman. The seven chapters of the manuscript, when taken together, provide a remarkable roadmap for enduring extreme hardships, understanding life's dangers, seeing God's work throughout all phases of our lives, growing through suffering, experiencing the hope of maturing in Christ, and realizing the joy of service.

About the Authors

August Hunter (left) led the Rollin' 20's Crips, a major Long Beach street gang, for twenty years.  Hunter is now Associate Pastor at the Rock Church, San Diego, California, where he focuses on prison ministry. Dean Schiffman (right), a Hunter friend, is a San Diego criminal defense attorney and writer.

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